Status Division V Teams

Pool W-L-T Points
Westleigh 4-0-0 20
Twin Farms* 0-4-0 12
Potomac 3-1-0 18
Mohican 1-3-0 14
Palisades 2-2-0 16

Bye Meets
Glenwood at Ashton
Robin Hood at East Gate
Rock Creek at Westleigh
Carderock Springs and Palisades at Seven Locks

June 19
Palisades at Twin Farms
Mohican at Westleigh
June 26
Westleigh at Palisades
Twin Farms at Potomac
July 3
Potomac at Westleigh
Palisades at Mohican
July 10
Twin Farms at Mohican
Potomac at Palisades
July 17
Westleigh at Twin Farms
Mohican at Potomac
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