RE 70
Division II Championship SL 54
July 22, 2012 OF 35
MW 38
RC 102
Event Pool Diver Score
8 & Under Girls
Event1 RC Ailey  Gold 72.30
Event1 SL Halia  Kailukaitis 69.80
Event1 SL Sydney  Norris 69.15
Event1 RC Riley Kate  Moffitt 58.70
Event1 MW Corinne  Garrett 58.55
Event1 RE Angelica  Hu 57.80
Event1 OF Naomi  Forsythe 55.85
Event1 RE Jessica  Hu 54.40
Event1 FV Katelyn  Eckenrode 53.00
Event1 MW Emily  Reynolds 49.00
Event1 FV Nadia  Wheeler 42.40
8 & Under Boys
Event2 RC Bradley  Hirst 71.05
Event2 RC Vance  Gootman 70.65
Event2 SL Maxwell  Smith 57.00
Event2 RE Matt  Roche 56.85
Event2 MW Christopher  Nemes 54.60
Event2 RE Alex  Jamison 54.50
Event2 OF Alex  Morper 52.65
Event2 MW Jacob  Udovich 50.75
Event2 FV Mark  Henry 50.10
Event2 FV Vince  Calvo 47.25
Event2 SL Charles  Smith 44.40
Event2 OF Akilu  Blumberg-Woll 33.25
9 - 10 Girls
Event3 RC Fiona  Crane 98.25
Event3 RC Saige  Gootman 94.45
Event3 FV Sofie  Leusch 93.70
Event3 FV Maura  Friddle 89.70
Event3 RE Malia  Bush 84.40
Event3 RE Hannah  Bush 74.55
Event3 SL Genevieve  Thibodeau 73.75
Event3 SL Tabitha  Johnson 68.70
Event3 MW Julia  Webb 65.95
Event3 OF Julia  Hughes 59.30
Event3 OF Aral  Markert 57.40
Event3 MW Kristina  Mobley 53.00
9 - 10 Boys
Event4 MW Madhav  Pillai 80.85
Event4 RC Aidan Moffitt 79.55
Event4 FV Thomas  King 75.60
Event4 FV Remy  Poulin 63.80
Event4 RE Jason  Vance 62.65
Event4 SL Zachary  Tanner 61.85
Event4 MW Micah  Wahl 61.55
Event4 RC Max McGervey 55.45
Event4 OF Tiago  Schujman 55.45
Event4 OF Cal  Labonski 50.50
Event4 RE Merrick  Willeford 50.30
11 - 12 Girls
Event5 RC Paige  Moffitt 117.80
Event5 RE Izzy  Rayner 111.55
Event5 OF Jackie  Jacobson 101.00
Event5 RE Lelia  Durand 95.55
Event5 MW Sarah  Natchipolsky 91.95
Event5 RC Melanie  Winick 87.65
Event5 FV Isabella  King 86.80
Event5 MW Molly  Brock 86.20
Event5 OF Remi  Jungreis 85.30
Event5 FV Jeanne  McConville 84.40
Event5 SL Josie  Trujillio-Lederer 66.95
Event5 SL Emily  Clancy 62.85
11- 12 Boys
Event6 RE Sam  Kressman 140.75
Event6 RE Andrew  Winer 109.45
Event6 SL Patrick  O'Neil 107.85
Event6 OF Quinn  Mahoney 104.05
Event6 MW Ethan  Pastel 98.75
Event6 OF Jason  Jungreis 93.35
Event6 SL Stephen  Jasinski 85.05
Event6 RC Marcus  Mckee 83.15
13 - 14 Girls
Event7 FV Erin  Moriarty 175.65
Event7 RE Megan  Roche 147.70
Event7 MW Madison  Cary 146.85
Event7 RC Victoria  Barnett 144.90
Event7 RC Brigitte  Freeman 136.00
Event7 OF Eliana  Gendelman 121.25
Event7 SL Veronika  Pettey 121.00
Event7 FV Katherine  Batzler 105.90
13 - 14 Boys
Event8 RC Casey  Doherty 146.05
Event8 FV Patrick  Friddle 141.90
Event8 OF Sam  Jacobson 129.35
Event8 SL Dominik  Pettey 129.10
Event8 OF Zac  Labonski 119.45
Event8 MW Julian  Mobley 116.20
Event8 SL Aaron  Dane 110.05
Event8 MW Jack  Hegarty 100.35
15 - 18 Girls
Event9 FV Natalie  Snyder 234.35
Event9 SL Ally  Russo 187.95
Event9 RE Nikki  Roche 168.90
Event9 RE Nikky  Marders 158.05
Event9 FV Rachel  Ribaudo 153.90
Event9 RC Katherine  Freeman 147.10
Event9 SL Carolyn  Seibel 141.60
Event9 RC Kristine  DelaCruz 135.15
Event9 OF Chrissy  Cernoch 121.70
15 - 18 Boys
Event10 OF Andrew  Yanovski 253.9
Event10 SL Simon  Carne 213
Event10 MW Anthony  Lozupone 211.35
Event10 RC Logan  Lewis 195.90
Event10 FV Michael  Friddle 186.80
Event10 RE Adam  Watkins 167.7
Event10 MW Cole  Bennington 167.50
Event10 OF Patrick  Washington 162.95
Event10 FV Josh  Friddle 161.05
Event10 RC Aidan  Kelso 154.15
2011 Div2 All Star Participants
Event1 RC Ailey Gold
Event1 SL Halia Kailukaitis
Event1 SL Sydney Norris
Event2 RC Vance Gootman
Event2 SL Max Smith
Event2 RE Matt Roche
Event3 RC Fiona Crane
Event3 RC Saige Gootman
Event3 FV Sofie Leusch
Event4 MW Madhav Pillai
Event4 RC Aidan Moffit
Event4 FV Thomas King
Event5 RC Paige Moffitt
Event5 RE Izzy Rayner
Event5 OF Jackie Jacobson
Event6 RE Sam Kressman
Event6 RE Andrew Winer
Event6 SL Patrick O'Neill
Event7 FV Erin Moriarty
Event7 RE Megan Roche
Event7 MW Madison Cary
Event8 RC Casey Doherty
Event8 FV Patrick Friddle
Event8 OF Sam Jacobson
Event9 FV Natalie Snyder
Event9 SL Ally Russo
Event9 RE Nikki Roche
Event10 OF Andrew Yanovski
Event10 MW Anthony Lozupone
Event10 RC Logan Lewis
Event1 MW Emily Reynolds
Event2 MW Christopher Nemes
Event3 RC Emma Gold
Event6 OF Quinn Mahoney
Event7 RC Victoria Barnett
Event8 OF Zac Labonski
Event10 RC Logan Lewis